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Join me on my seminary journey! Check out some of the papers I've been privileged to work on. Click on the images to open up the pdf.

Him They Proclaimed.png

Him They Proclaimed:
The Word and Presence of Christ in the Preaching in Acts

A biblical theological study of the 'Word of God' statements in Luke and Acts.

But She Did Not Cry Out.png

But She Did Not Cry Out: An Exegetical Defense of Deut 22:23-24

Deut 22:23-24 has been used by feminist criticism to display a sexist God of the Old Testament. This paper is a defense of the text in question.

On A Not Racist Jesus.png

On a Not Racist Jesus:
The Curious Case of a Repenting Savior

Matt 15:21-28 has been used by critical scholars of various stripes to present Jesus as a racist oppressor. Some even say that's good news. This paper is a defense against that. 

We Shall Look We Shall Be Radiant.png

We Shall Look; We Shall Be Radiant: An Exploration of the Eschatological Beatific Vision

In Psalm 27 David described gazing upon the beauty of the Lord as his one desire. This paper is an exploration of such a desire as penetrating the depths of biblical religion.

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