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This is a list of stuff I enjoy reading or listening to. Maybe you'll enjoy them too. Click on the images to learn more about them!


Rise & Triumph of the
Modern Self

This cultural prolegomena is a helpful analysis of our current moment. Truman looks at how modern-day has been sadly shaped by philosophers past.


Paul: An Outline of His Theology

Herman Ridderbos was a genius. His ability to analyze and systematize the Pauline corpus, in my opinion, remains unmatched. Biblical theologians are still talking about Paul's indicative-imperative connections which is a discovery largely credited to this work.


Working the Angles

Eugene Peterson was and continues to be an invaluable gift to the church. His pastoral heart is clear on every page as he presents a high view of pastoral ethic.

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A Theology of the New Testament

I have used this great volume by G. E. Ladd in almost all of my New Testament classes. A very helpful and surprisingly approachable volume.


He Gave Us Stories

Though this book is primarily concerning the interpretation of OT narrative, it is one of the best overall hermeneutics books that I have encountered. This book rocked my world!


Biblical Theology: Old and New Testaments

Geerhardus Vos is considered the father of reformed biblical theology. Even a cursory read of this work will show why that is the case!



Reformed Forum: Christ the Center

Reformed Forum is a group of pastor-scholars (primarily OPC) who host a wide range of discussions through various podcasts. Their section on Geerhardus Vos' Biblical Theology, is invaluable!


Pro Church Tools Podcast

This podcast, focused on church communications strategy, is way too fun. Brady and Alex are so much fun to listen to. 


You're Not Crazy

This was a podcast I wish I had three years ago. But, alas, here we are. Ray and Sam explore Gospel Culture and its implications in the local church.



Canon Fodder

Dr. Michael Kruger is the president of RTS Charlotte and one of the foremost voices on early Christianity. His blog, Canon Fodder, is a great collection of weighty theology and approachable doxology.


Analytical Thoughts

Dr. James Anderson is a professor of theology and philosophy at RTS Charlotte and one of the best interpreters of Cornelius Van Til. But don't let that convince you that his blog Analytical Thoughts is dry content because its anything but.


Reformed Theology in Piety Practice & Preaching

J.V. Fesko is a professor of systematic and historical theology at RTS Jackson. His particular attention to a theology and practice of preaching is invaluable.

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